We have a few new team members here at Anaheim Rod and Custom and over the course of the next few weeks/months we will be publishing blog articles highlighting each individual. The first team member we would like to introduce to everyone is our administrative assistant, Becky’s right hand girl, Makayla.  Makayla has been working with us at the shop on an official capacity for roughly 9 months now so she is certainly not brand new but she is the new kid on the block when you consider her experience in the automotive industry.

    We were first introduced to Makayla by her mother, a client of ours that we repaired not one but two vehicles for. Her mother, Shannon chose to have her father’s 1963 Falcon Sprint given a mechanical over haul as a sweet 16 gift for Makayla to drive two years ago. (click here to see the YouTube Video coverage from that delivery party)  It wasn’t until just recently when we swapped the transmission for a automatic that Makayla was comfortable driving it to and from work. Let’s let her tell you about her time with her classic, our company and our family:  

    “I have been driving my 1963 Falcon Sprint to and from work and let me tell you something! That is the most awesome vehicle to drive!,” exclaims Makayla. “Driving a classic car really does do something to your ego. When I’m driving it I feel like I am on top of the world. I hold my head a little higher and walk with a sort of confident stride. I will say, its a head turner. When I go back to driving my normal Jeep, it is weird. With the manual steering in the Falcon, getting back into something that has power steering really messes with you. The vehicle also has some get up and go to it. It sounds amazing. Runs amazing. Now the next thing is to get it looking amazing! I can not wait to take it to more car shows in the future. One of which is Rhythm and Collision in January of 2019! That has become an annual girls trip with none other than Becky Sue, her mini boss, Presley, my Mother, and myself! I also love opening all the windows and letting the breeze run through my hair. Get that classic California blow out!”
    Makayla is a very hard-working young lady that helps Becky with everything under the sun!  Before working at the shop, Makayla started out by helping keep a watchful eye on Atom while Becky Sue would set up and run around the client delivery parties and shop’s annual open houses.
    “Now that Atom is in pre-school  I do not get to watch him as much, but when I do, boy do we make memories! All I have to say is that those kids are something else. There is never a dull moment. They keep you on your toes. Oh, and god forbid if you show one more attention than the other! It is surprising how those kids become part of your life so easily. Nothing brings me more joy than coming to work everyday and seeing the Princess of Anaheim Rod and Custom, Presley Mae.

    Since working in the office, I have gotten to see many spectacular vehicles come in and out of the shop. I have also met many people who are very passionate about their vehicles. There have been many laughs at the shop as well. It has been said that if your work doesn’t feel like work than you’re doing something right. Let me tell you guys something, it does not feel like work here. Getting things done on a daily basis has never seemed so rewarding. Even when I arrive to work mad, I always leave with a smile. Its something about making memories with some fantastic people that just leaves you with a smile on your face.

    Another thing that I really love about working at this shop is that it is very family friendly. The fact that the dogs are able to roam around, keeping an eye on everything is bring me joy. I have a special place in my heart for animals and I recently got accepted into a Veterinary Technician Program at a local college.  I will begin taking my classes in September and will be working at the shop in the afternoons. My dream is to own my own shelter or veterinary clinic out in Wisconsin. Yes, I said Wisconsin. Truth be told I am a country girl at heart even though I may be mistaken for “hardcore”, due to my colored hair and multiple piercings. I wear cowboy boots five out of the seven days a week. I tend to be judged at first glance because of exterior features but when people start to get to know me, they find that I am a total sweetheart. Though if you do anything to hurt the ones I love, or any animal, I can get a little aggressive. I am a person who wears their heart on their cheek (the opposite of heart on your sleeve), I don’t like showing any sort of weakness.                                                                                                                              

      Working at the shop has provided a lot of experience for me in the professional field. With being a direct assistant to one of the owners, it gives me insight on processes I would need to go through to run my own business. I am thankful for everything that this shop has provided me and for the friendships I’ve made. I am truly excited to meet more of the clientele and their awesome vehicles. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll ring the shop and it will be me answering! Though I know sooner or later I will be packing my bags and leaving the Anaheim Rod and Custom team to start my own adventure in life, there is no where else I’d rather be working for the time being!”

     Having Makayla as a part of the Anaheim Rod and Custom team has truly been a great help! Without her we would be one set of hands shorter of picking up parts, ordering parts, filing documents and photos, doing social media posts, cleaning the vehicles and cleaning the shop in general and so much more. Plus she is just so darn good with our babies both the human and K9 variety! So next time you visit the shop you will have a little bit more insight on this talented young team member of ours. We are looking forward to sharing additional feature stories with you about the rest of the A Team!