This 1960 DeSoto is quite the head turner. Have a look at the exquisite  detail to the paint. The paint for this car is House of Kolor Shimrin 2  / Sealer base: 2 coats KD3000 series custom mix Seafoam sealer /  Color base: 3 coats Iced Mint (custom mix)  Pearl base: 18 Blended coats of custom Bali Bali Bay pearls, ranging from light to dark in the same color family. Each coat was over a smaller area with each successive darker color.  Clear Coat:  3 Coats USC-01 sanded flat and then 3 more flow coats, color sanded and buffed to a fine finish. Official name for the color:  Bali Bali Bay pearl   Painter, Matthew Means, has always been a fan of Watson and Gene Winfield; their influences can be seen in this flawless finish.  Unlike his predecessors however, Matt's approach was to use the darker coats of pearl on the tops of fenders and body lines and lighten the shades of the paint as it moves down the body panels.