This 1974 Triumph Tiger named W-`ühini aka “The Grasshopper" was custom painted for Deus Ex Machina USA. The grasshopper was builtby Michael “Woolie” Woolaway. The green paintwork involved using, fourteen coats of House of Kolor Lime Gold Kandy concentrate and an Oriental Blue Kandy coat, then multiple clear coats were applied. Before the paint was applied, the hand-shaped brushed aluminum tank and tailpiece were bead-blasted in certain areas and left brushed in others. This paint prep technique resulted in the radiant luminescence paint job that you see here. The brushed areas at times presenting the color brighter, while at other times the bead-blasted areas shine. The paint color and intensity changes with angle and perspective and lighting conditions. The motorcycle pieces received a final color sanding and buffing before their final assembly. When this bike is not in use or on tour, it can be seen The Emporium of Postmodern Activities. Deus Ex Machina’s third addition to its global ground fleet of marvel outlets is proudly located at 1001 Venice Boulevard, Venice, CA 90291, USA—one of the most vibrant hubs of surf, bicycle, and motorcycle culture on planet Earth.