See what our clients are saying about their time with us.

Matt & Tommy helped get my ‘68 Dodge van on the road PRONTO. Matt was really enthusiastic about this project, and my wife & I are really excited with the results...everyone LOVES the van!
— Rob E
At this point I have had 2 motorcycles and the interior of my 69 dodge van painted matt, and every time it’s been such an amazing creative experience. I had come up w the basic idea of what I wanted and left the rest up to his vision to bring it to life. His attention to detail has been incredible. He has blown me away w his designs and professionalism. He always went above and beyond my ideas and made them reasonable and still worked for what I wanted. He’s such a creative King and I will again trust him w my next machine. Always a fan.
— Heath C.
Awesome people doing awesome work. Friendly clean shop with a family vibe.
— Shannon L
Anaheim Rod and Custom improved the quality of my life. They’re cost-effective, creative and find innovative solutions.

I travel around the US in a restored 1967 Dodge A-108 Poptop van aka Vantera. We just completed 5000 miles through 15 states. I had an electrical issue which Matt diagnosed over the phone for free and in minutes and sent me the part number of what to buy at an auto parts store. Who does that!!? Anyway, he advised me and I solved the problem in 30 minutes with two tools and $15. These guys really care about their clients and the cars they work on.

I have saved thousands thanks to Matt, Becky and Anaheim Rod and Custom.

Installed air shocks instead of airbags or adding leaf springs, which is what other mechanic advised I do and would have cost a pretty penny. Nowhere online could I even find air shocks that would fit my vehicle. They found a bolt/post assembly that worked, it was machined and now 20+ different shocks fit my van.

They are able to do things more efficiently and cleverly, because they are not only mechanics, but automotive fabricators, builders, electric and do restoration. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOP!!!

He insisted I get a 220 amp alternator, which seemed over kill. For less money a traditional system, I’m getting colder air conditioner and Tesla-like power bank that can power it even when the van is off. None of which would have been possible without that alternator, which at the time seemed expensive and over kill. The engine is even running better since the install. The car starts right up, so now I don’t need a new starter.

I can go on and on, but I will just say this is a great place that is very fair. They do a lot of machining, fabrication, etc... in house, so you will not be paying for them to hire someone else, transport back and forth to the other shop and markup which is common place these days. Matt and Becky are amazing!!! The van has never worked or sounded this good. Dudes know there stuff. Seriously!! I’m so grateful to have found Anaheim Rod & Custom. Thanks guys!!
— Anthony A
I just want to give a big thank you to Matt, Becky and he staff at Anaheim Rod and Custom for making the car of my dreams. I’m so happy and look forward to keep bringing it back to add little things, you know how owners of these kinds of cars are! We’re always looking for the new thing. Without a doubt I would come back here and I am very thankful.
— Sebastian
We called to get a quote on starting to restore our 1973 international scout! Matt and Becky are great and super friendly! Very professional, thorough and honest when giving details and quoting! Matt is very enthusiastic about his shop and has so many great ideas for restoring old vehicles and hot rods! I can’t wait to eventually start on our project!
— Katie A
I want to give a big thanks to matt at anaheim rod and custom for hooking me on the adjustment he gave my 51 chevy trans linkage as a future customer matt not only proved his professionalism but how this guy loves old rides not many people can pin point problems with classic cars matt handled it under 30 mins of being at his shop I’ll be looking forward to seeing how my 51 chevy will turn out after the project thanks again matt.
— Johnny M
Brilliant workmanship! The body work and paint work is top quality!
— Chuck M
Everything that rolls outta this shop is top notch!
— Rick P
I can’t say enough good things about Matt, Becky and the crew at Anaheim Rod and Custom. I’ve taken my 66 Cadillac to two other shops and was left with nothing but disappointment. Thankfully I found them on social media. After seeing their work and reading other reviews, I took my car there. Their customer service is unbeatable, but more importantly, so is their work. They are incredibly honest and will not let you leave without everything working perfectly. I found out first hand. Take your vehicle here!! You will not be disappointed.
— Rob L.
I have not as yet have Matt (The Boss) do Auto Restore on my 1971 Mustang. He is very friendly and makes you feel very welcomed around his shop by giving a tour and explaining all vehicles that he is working on and shows his work. His shop is like mom and pop size..but it’s the quality of work that rolls out his door that matters. Mom and Pop shops do better work then those big Corp shops anyway, and that’s what I like; He looked at my car, took pictures of it and advised and questioned me in regards to certain things on the car. He gave me a reasonable Restore price which I’m happy with. The 4 star rate is temporary as this is my 2nd visit to his shop and both times he has treated me like we’ve known each other for years. Looking forward to having him Restore my car and change it to a 5+ star rating. See you then Matt!!
— Syl B
I have been using Anaheim Rod & Custom for my classic car restoration work for at least the past five years and I have found their work exemplary! I get compliments on my two cars, my 1957 Desoto Fireflite Hardtop and my 1957 Pontiac Custom Safari every time that I drive them. People are always asking me where I got the work done and I always refer them back to Anaheim Rod and Custom. As you can see from the pictures, the work is excellent and the pricing very competitive.
— Mike G