This 1965 Cadillac came to use in fairly good condition on the exterior but needed some love on the interior, in the trunk and under the hood.   We thoroughly enjoyed taking this cool car to the next level! Around the shop, we fondly nicknamed this Caddy Ron Burgundy, because face it, with its ZZ502 Ramjet engine, this car IS the balls! To make this cool car even cooler, we installed a new thermostat, dual monster electric fans with controller and a Magnum Mark IV Vintage Air System. Even with the little to no under dash and glove box space in the '65 DeVille we managed to make this massive air conditioning system work. A basic safety inspection and fluid change was completed.  We then got all of the little things to work that some people take for granted in their classics like all the gauges including the speedometer, lights, switches, horn and emergency brake. A basic safety inspection and fluid change was completed.  We then The fuel system was repaired, removing the fuel cell that was in the trunk and securing a new tank under the car equipped with new lines, pickup, high flow fuel pump and fuel injection. The enthusiastically worked with the owner to design the ultra-classy double stitched diamond gold interior with chrome tinsel trim, custom gold carpet and brushed white pearl roof with white pearl accents.  We hand-casted the new steering wheel, horn emblem and turn signal knobs in resin with 24 karat gold. We then installed a new blue-tooth stereo system to make the interior sound as good as it looks.