This incredible and unique custom 1968 Jaguar E type is a one of a kind tribute to the swinging 60s, but pulled together with a contemporary and timeless execution. The owner Nick spent countless hours creating and planning the stretched and smoothed bumpers, streamlined body modifications, custom in bumper lighting and recessed rear license area. Ultimately these features enhanced and added to the body that Enzo Ferrari said was “the most beautiful car ever made”. How do you change and modify a car that is already stated to be the best? We feel that this is how you do it. Keep the best parts of the lines of the car, and then smooth and tuck everything to make it look even faster and lower. The original Jaguar engine was modified and updated with modern high output charging system with custom brackets, a high output air conditioner was added to help keep you ice cold in the summer. Nick came to us here to help him bring his ultimate vision to life, and expertly apply the House of Kolor Candy Apple Red paint. He also asked for our help with the custom built polished stainless exhaust and much of the final assembly. The car came to us in primer ready for the final blocking, final coat of primer and then paint. We blocked the body down with 150, baked and cured all panels, then hand sanded the body. After sanding, the body was masked and sprayed with 3 coats of DTS primer sealer, and 2 coats of HOK Silver Sealer, and finally 4 coats of Orion Silvermax Base coat. This Base coat was allowed to dry for a day and then was hand sanded and detailed for super smooth base under the candy. The final coats of Silvermax were sprayed, then 6 coats of HOK Urethane Candy Carrier expertly applied. On top of the candy 3 coats of USC 01 were sprayed, after they were left to dry for a few days, it was hand blocked with 800 to a perfectly smooth finish. Finally one more round of clear coat gave us the smooth as glass final product. Once the paint was completed we let it dry, then color sanded and buffed smooth. Nick then had us finish the final assembly, build the exhaust and do some of the other final work. Overall the final color and quality of the paint job really set this car over the top. Each curve and line of the car is accented and highlighted by the deep rich low tones of the red candy and the bright accents of the Silvermax shining through in the sun.