This Ducati Scrambler was disassembled, painted and reassembled in house for a moto race driver. This is a very special motorcycle. It is #75 off the line, one of 100 made in Italy. It has a 800cc air cooled twin engine. This particular bike started its life as a press bike for the initial Ducati Scrambler launch. It was used in a few press rides and is now proudly owned by our dear friend Heath Cofran. He named the bike Keli'i "Little Chief" after his son. The custom pattern was designed by Matthew Means. The lettering and styling of the graphics is a combination of Hawaiian, Samoan, American Indian, and many other early petroglyphs, most symbols used mean fast, free, home, ocean, sea, all meant to imbue the bike with energy to protect the rider and encourage success in racing and life. The markings on the wheels mean Go Fast, from Native-American signs. The white on the tank is what we call Space Mountain White, House of Kolor Silvermax base with white candy mid coat and House of Kolor USC-01 clear with FA-01 flattening agent. The gold we call Pirates Gold, a custom mix of HOK Pegan Gold and HOK Rootbeer Kandy shot over the Silvermax base. The designs were shot in Jet Black Shimrin 2 base. This is the second bike that we have painted for this client. He is also the proud owner of the Triumph Bonneville with the custom glow in the dark paint tank with the copper leafing. Keep your eye out for this cool Ducati, there is talk of it being featured in a few magazines and ads! Lane Spitter Story here