We removed the water tank and upper ladder assembly. We cleaned up and removed holes in the sides and in the rear of the vehicle. We removed the vinyl wraps and stickers on the truck. Designed and fabricated a new rear floor and front wall of the rear section of the truck. Cut,fabricated and welded the new floor into place. Designed and build custom seating and table in the back of the truck. Cleaned and removed the peeling paint and rust from the body exterior. Completed bodywork as needed to repair the exterior. Painted over half of the Firetruck. The inside of the back of the rear section was bodyworked and painted. Restored and painted the diamond plate. Repaired and rewired all of the lights. Repaired and bled the brakes. Cleaned up and tuned the engine. Rebuilt the carb. Flushed all the fluids. Replaced the rubber hoses as needed on the Engine. Cleaned the interior. Cleaned up the tires and wheels. Polished the aluminum and chrome. We added ambient light to the seating area. Added switches to control the lights and sirens from the rear seating area. USB Charging ports were added to the rear table area. Polished as much of the paint as possible.