The plan behind the Falcon Sprint was to get it running and driving safely down the road for it's happy, newly licensed, 16 year-old driver. The original engine was pulled and replaced with a rebuilt Ford 302 equipped with: a new performance intake, 4 barrel Edelbrock carburetor, MSD electronic ignition system, finned valve cover & air cleaner from Speedway Motors, new water pump, new balancer, new pulleys and belts. The transmission was inspected, cleaned a reassembled. We conducted a complete rebuild of the brake system back to stock by making new brake lines in house & installing all new brake hardware. New shocks were installed all around. A new fuel tank was put in the vehicle and a complete clean out of the fuel system and lines was conducted. The electrical system was inspected and all components fixed. The instrument panel voltage regulator was replaced and some other light work on the gauges was performed. A rusted and missing battery tray was repaired and a new battery tray installed along with a new battery, new cables and a battery hold down. The alternator and starter were rebuilt and reinstalled. We cleaned and sanded the engine compartment and painted it a semi-gloss black. The hood hinges were cleaned, blasted, painted and lubed. A new key set for the ignition, doors, trunk and glove box were installed along with a new glove box itself. A rusted hole in the roof was repaired and primed to match the rest of the car. All of the Falcon's windows, window tracks, latches and handles were cleaned and lubed to open or roll up and down. New front and rear window glass was installed. All trim pieces were found, cleaned, polished and assembled on the car. All the fluids in the car were replaced. Some exhaust work was performed and new Cherry Bomb glass pack mufflers were added. Seat belts were also installed all around to keep this new driver safe.