This past week was the first of what we hope to be MANY family vacations in our 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V. For her maiden voyage we chose Palm Springs.  We enjoyed the drive there and back and the heat was no feat for us thanks to the breezeway and electric side vent windows. The styling of the '60 Lincoln seem so at home here parked in front of the mid-century modern homes found throughout Palm Springs.  We photographed the car in driveways in the Movie Colony tract. We snapped a quick pic of her with the view up by the Bob Hope house as well as other retro housing tracks.  Plus, we stopped at iconic hotels like the Parker.

     Our love of tiki culture led us to the tiki bars that Palm Springs had to offer: The Tonga Hut, Bootlegger Tiki and to the new Tommy Bahama Grill in downtown P.S. We tried a Mai Tai at each location and we enjoyed Tommy Bahama's the most. Their poke bowl and the lump crab with avocado salads were extremely delectable as well! The tail end of our week long family trip coincided with Tiki Caliente 10, a weekender held at the Caliente Tropics Hotel. It was here that we ran into friends that we used to enjoy rubbing elbows with at our old watering hole, Don the Beachcomber (R.I.P).  It was great to see our friends from Dead Head Rum here. We LOVE the new TIki Mug and are so happy to see it in our mug collection! It has such a great grip, feel and look to it!

     Besides lounging at the pool and splashing around with our kids at the resort other highlights of the trip included enjoying a Mother's Day dinner with both Matt & Becky's parents present. For those of you that don't already know, Matt is a mean chef. He prepared us rib eye steak, with caprese salad, grilled shrimp and veggies.  We also enjoyed a couple delicious meals at Sherman's Deli and Bakery  but the part of the trip that really took the cake was the moment when we were photographing the car in front of the Palm Springs City Hall building and a couple German tourists began photographing us with their Hassleblad film camera and an 8mm video recorder! They said that they will send us images after they get them developed at a special place in Belgium! We look forward to sharing those with you soon we hope!

     Other than a couple weekenders, we have not been on a vacation since our honeymoon five years ago! It was time well needed and well spent relaxing and enjoying moments together as a family and making memories. We appreciate the support of our staff for keeping things running while we were away and to all of our clients a big thanks for your patience and understanding while Team Means was unavailable during this past week and this week while we get caught back up. We are looking forward to the opportunity to take our amazing 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V on more family road trip vacations in the future and we know that this would not be possible without the support of our hard working staff and car crazy clients. Mucho Mahalo!